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During the strategy session, I’d like to learn more about your clinic and what you’re looking to achieve by adopting a robust patient lead generation strategy using Facebook advertising.

Then I’d like to delve into how we can scale your business up with a digital solution, to really take things to the next level.

We get a lot of enquiries but only take on businesses that are going to be a good fit.  That is, the Facebook advertising and digital strategies are going to get you results. These days we extremely strict about who we work with.

Having said that, If we are a good fit and I believe Facebook advertising and the digital strategies are going to get you results, then we will talk about the next step in working together.


In the meantime, you might like to check out a case study video about how we helped a clinic in Australia generate 577 patients leads over 6 months, resulting in $250k in patient revenue with a 10x return on ad spend!  The strategy I cover in the video is one of the powerful ways you can leverage Facebook advertising.

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Looking forward to talking with you soon. Have a great day!

Tim Lumsden

Here's what clinic owners are saying about us

Sally & Ben were looking to bring a steady steam of patients into their clinic using Facebook ads

Will was looking to create awareness about his clinics and get more patients coming in

Godfrey was looking for a new channel other than Google Adwords to reliably find new patients

James was looking for a partner to properly run his Facebook ads to get patient leads coming in

Jenny was looking for a partner to run their FB ads who knew what to do and take the stress away

Luke was looking to adopt a strategy that generated leads with a positive ROI

Andrew was looking to build his brand as the leading clinic in the area while generating leads

David was looking to dominate his local area using Facebook advertising

Case studies are based on real results we get for our clients but the results are not typical.  Results heavily rely on the clinics ability to convert the leads into patients.  Having said this, similar results are possible for your clinic.

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